Her curse was her beauty. She was more beautiful than all the girls in the village, so she naturally attracted all of the available men, rich and poor, strong and weak, short and tall, handsome and cruel. It was bliss winning all the beauty contests, and receiving the vast amount of attention. She had her pick among suitable partners, but as soon as she committed to one, doubt crept in and she wondered if she would not be better off with another. Day by day she grew more frustrated until her life continued to exist through a constant flow of tears. Tears of disappointment. Tears of frustration. And eventually, tears of deep sorrow.

His curse was his knowledge, insight and creativity. On countless topics, he knew more about the world and the workings thereof, than any other person in the village. People were glad to listen to him speak, his words full of grace and wisdom. But with the vast amount of knowledge and a neverending flow of creativity, he did not know what work to do, or what line of career to pursue. His interests were as wide and as deep as the ocean, and his passion for everything beautiful, stronger than the most fearsome heart. This also drove him mad, and rendered him into a state of severe depression, not knowing what to do, or how to go about his life. His tears were also that of disappointment, frustration, and untimatly, deep sorrow.

When the two finally got to know each other, it wasn’t her beauty that attracted him to her. Nor was it his graceful words of wisdom and insight that attracted her to him. No, they just needed to look into each other’s eyes and know, that which connected them could not be expressed in words. Nor could it be measured in earthly value. For through their tears of disappointment, frustration and deep sorrow, their hearts were knitted in patterns of a heavenly rhythm. The kind of rhythm found in sounds that make men free. And through that, the healing they experienced became vibrant, so vibrant it was almost tangible.

When the people of the village then looked at them and saw their deep and beautiful eyes, and their radiant, shiny and healthy faces, they called them blessed. In and through their ignorance, the people of the village could not fathom the immense richness these two hearts held and felt. The wealth they possessed  knew no bounds. And when the two looked at each other, silent tears of joy expressed all that was meant to be said. For what was meant to be said and held in the tiny molecules of their moist cheeks, could not be uttered in an earthly language.

In the eyes of angels and men, their hearts were forever joined. And it would be, for as long as there was breath on earth, impossible to separate them.



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