About the book

Mortar and Pestle

A Small-Town Psychological Thriller

Amelia enjoys her work as a teacher at the primary school in the small town of Sárgard. But when she suspects that Mira, one of her pupils is abused at home, she has no choice but to save the girl from her stepfather. The church and the local authorities won’t help, and with danger rising on all sides, she together with the help of the new gentleman in town, battles to find a way of saving the little girl’s life from more than one monster.

About the book

Mortar and Pestle

A Ghost Story Novella

All she wanted was to live a normal life. All she wanted was for the nightmares to stop. But the more Maya tried to rid herself of the nightly horrors, the more she had to fight the evil that started to take over her home. Between roses, dreamcatchers, and the help of a neighbour, will her determination be enough to free herself of the terrors of the past?

The Rose Garden of Maya Huisman is a ghost story, in the true fashion of a small-town, supernatural thriller.

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Acasia in the rain

A Small-Town Crime Thriller

Francois Haarhoff had everything he ever wanted. His beautiful dairy farm surrounded by mountains and the African savannah landscape, provided him with the kind of life few others are lucky to have. He lived, what he thought was the African dream. Even more, he looked forward to his daughter coming to visit him from the city.

But this is South Africa. A country known for its crime and corruption.
When he became aware of his neighbour’s illegal activities, intruders wreaking havoc on his property, and the Police Captain’s intention to frame him for murder, Haarhoff found himself trapped with few options at his disposal.

Within the span of a weekend, much becomes at risk. He has everything to lose and he is forced to use all the wit he can muster, to overcome the immorality of both the criminals and the authorities.